Last Minute Signings?

Graham Alexander has made noises of sigings in the last few days, and we know he’s spent a lot of time on the phone, but apart from getting Jack Payne in on Wednesday the Dons haven’t made the signings many had considered essential.

It’s been a great start to the season, and considering that several of the victories have been in below par performances, many fans identified our inability to make changes with any depth of quality on the bench. Also, when injuries and suspensions happen, we then have selection weaknesses as some positions dont have a high-quality understudy.

We don’t have anyone in a number nine shirt as of the time of publishing either. It’d be great to have something alternative to what we have …a lump to target for all the long balls?

Lets then think, if we lost a striker or a central defender tomorrow, with no time to make a replacement. It leaves us extremely vulnerable and three months from the next window opening.

We can but hope that money coming from the sale by Exeter to Rotherham of Sam Nombe, through the sell on clause agreed when Sam left MK is immediately allocated to a significant purchase.

Only time will tell. The MKDSA Live show at 730pm will bring the latest news.

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