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Groundhopper made the second road trip of the week, this time to Essex and Colchester United at the Jobserve Community Stadium. Here’s the views of our expert reviewer.

Colchester United
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First Impressions of the stadium, parking, ease of entry.8Another good drive out by Albert and we arrived in the Essex sunshine with just a short walk to the giant TV and bar. Its a bit more developed around the stadium than on our last visit.
Food & Drink, range, quality, price.8Reasonable range of food and drink available with a meal deal of a pie and a pint for £7.25.
View from your seat, any poles in the way, obstructed view, seat broken?8Behind the goal, with unreserved and seats in the sunshine or shade with a range of pricing benefiting early purchases.
Home team support, was it a library, good banter between the fans?4They didnt have a lot to sing about pre-game, even going two one up they didnt make a lot of noise and there was no banter from a scattering of home fans in the stand behind the other goal.
What were the stewards like, helpful and friendly or jobsworths?5Quite friendly and welcoming on arrival, they were handing out free programmes to those inside the stand, however there was a fair bit of hi-viz seen just at the start of the game. think it might have been about standing in the stairway by the later arrivals. It was sorted quite quickly.
Toilet facilities, clean and well equipped with hot water, disgusting.7Clean and tidy with a decent amount of capacity for larger followings than ours, no queues and yes very hot water.
Ticket pricing, did the price reflect the facilities of the ground?7Yes a fair price for a good view, well run food kiosks and toilets etc.
Ground facilities, half time service, did they let fans outside at halftime?8Good pace of service, no complaints were heard.
Match atmosphere, did the Dons fans give good support?7We good at the beggining and outstnding at the end in the middle we were unhappy with the way we were playing.
Ease of exit, did the carpark clear quickly, traffic around the stadium?4This is where things are bad. For a crowd of 3,857 getting out took way to long.
Any other observations or comments that may have affected your scoring?
Name – GroundhopperTotal Score out of 10066/100

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