The BOBcat Digital Big Match Report Wrexham 3 MK Dons 5

There can’t be too many people who got anywhere near thats scoreline can there ?

The journey there was one of the strangest I can ever remember, there wasnt a lot of confidence going into this one. Well. I can tell you now the journey home is much the same but its now disbelief we seem to be experiencing.

Today was a very unusual day. It was all about Wrexham, we were the sideshow to their opening night. The spotlight was firmly on them and our place was to be the stooge.

Someone forgot to send us the script. The boys in blue backed by a sell out following blew the homeside out of the water inside ten minutes. Admittedly we had a big helping hand from the Wrexham boys with a cracking diving header after just six minutes.

If that wasnt enough to make us happy, a passing move from two seasons past, saw Leko and Eisa combine to leave the latter driving into the bottom corner of the home goal to stun both the home and away support.

The home side were reeling and looked a little punch drunk as pass after pass went astray. The Dons started to dominate the midfield with trio of Williams, Robson and Captain Gilbey looking like they’d played together for several seasons not running out for the first time in a competitive game.

Williams who will go down as our man of the match was a monster, the amount of ground he covered was outstanding, Robson wasn’t far behind him and this freed Gilbey to do damage.

We felt the next goal was vital and with half-time fast approaching the hope was to reach the dressing room with the two goal cushion. It wasnt to be. A bit of a panic in our six yard box, a flap from Gilly and the ball dropped nicely for them to half the deficit. It got the ground rocking and the Dons did well to hang on to half time.

The second started as many expected as the home side put us under pressure, which the defence soaked up well, with Gilbey infront of it playing Leko in on goal, switching feet with the ball drove it hard past Foster into the bottom left corner for 1-3 Dons on 51 mins.

Wrexham were again forced into making mistakes as they attempted to get back into things and the Dons took further advantage as Leko and Eisa combined to switch roles from the second goal we scored to bag his brace on 63 mins for 1-4. This was mental.

While we were in raptures with things as they were, many of us immediately remembered Barnsley last season. 4-1 up with twenty minutes to go. It couldn’t happen again. Could it ?

On 82 mins a strike from Wrexham sailed past MacGillivray for 2-4 and doubts began to creep back into our minds as the home side took a bit more control and it looked more likely they would score again rather than us keep them out.

Step forward Mr Daniel Harvie. Well I never. He ran into their box switching ball foot to foot and then just when we thought it was over, he stroked it into the net. WITH HIS RIGHT FOOT !!! If that wasn’t more than we expected he only ran 60 yards or so to knee slide right infront of us. 2-5 Dons.

We were safe. Weren’t we ? It was the 94th minute when Harvie scored, we were playing 7 minutes of added time. Oh you’ve forgotten haven’t you? This is the Dons.

There was enough time for the now exiting home fans to stop in the their tracks as around a minute after Harvie scored the deficit was down to two again. The Dons ran down the clock and the reign of Alexander started great. Just great ? No. Bloody marvelous it was.

The adulation for the players was clear to see. Then it was the Gaffers turn.

There’s a new thing. It’s beautiful. We hope it happens a lot more this season.

Don’t you just love football?

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