Nominations For The 2023/24 MKDSA Committee

Here are the nominations currently received for consideration to the MKDSA Committee for 2023/24. (20.00 hrs on Tuesday 1st August, 2023)

If anymore are recieved between now and the deadline of midnight on Wednesday 2nd August, 2023 sent to they will be published as early on Wednesday 3rd August as is possible.

Vice Chair & Membership Secretary– Amanda Lansbury

Proposed by Antony Metcalfe

Seconded by Alison Metcalfe

I have really enjoyed being a part of a team that makes so much difference to my football experience.

As a family. MK Dons is our passion and the place we go to as a family and also being a mum it is so nice to be able to have an occupation that enables me to spend time with my family and try and make a difference to our footballing experiences as well.

Treasurer – Jeff Newall

Proposed by Lisa Spearman

Seconded by Aiden Gray

I would like to stand for the position of Treasurer of the MKDSA for 2023-4.  I have been in the role for a year and gained valuable experience which, I believe, will be of service to the MKDSA in the coming season.  One specific initiative of mine has been to instigate a review of our banking arrangements so as to facilitate electronic payments to suppliers and other beneficiaries, rather than relying on cheques, whilst preserving the integrity of the bank mandate (2 from 3 to sign).   

Disability Officers – Jo & Jeff Newall

Propose by Danny Carroll

Seconded by Jordan Harrison

Between us we have over 100 years lived experiences of physical, sensory and hidden disabilities and it seems as many years of challenging disability discrimination. We have been season ticket holders since the stadium opened and since 2010 we have gone to almost every Dons away game, travelling in the accessible mini bus that is part of the official away travel. We are passionate that all disabled fans should be able to go to footy without hassle, something that sadly all too often does not happen and are 100% committed to doing all we can to bring this about, for both home and away fans at Stadium MK and at away grounds which Dons fans visit. We strongly believe that the majority of disabled fans are those that are not immediately viewed as such and may not even identify themselves as disabled, yet who have requirements that are often overlooked. We are active members of Level Playing Field, the national charity that represents disabled sports fans and through this, are able to get ideas and support from our contemporaries at other Clubs. In the past year we have got the Club to extend its half price season Blue Badge parking permit to the 23-24 season and will request the same for 24-25, worked with the Club to install Stoma friendly toilets in the Stadium, featured in a LPF national video on the match day experience of disabled fans, spoken at an EFL national conference on the experience of travelling disabled fans, written articles for the MKDSA on the accessibility of every away ground that the Dons have played and reviewed each ground on LPF’s website that we have visited.

We have lots of ideas about how we can further improve facilities at Stadium MK which we regularly share with Club staff and are always eager to hear from disabled fans and their carers about how their experiences can be improved. Jo’s emails are long and persuasive.

Community Engagement & EDI Officer – Gordon Wylie

Proposed by Arthur Harris

Seconded by Louis Andrews

My name is Gordon Wylie and I am a season ticket holder in the west stand. I was co-opted onto the MKDSA committee in February 2023 and in March took up an officer role.  I have supported my fellow committee members with help and deliverance of greater strengthening relationships with the club , created a pathway of support with MK Dons Set that will see the MKDSA being involved with delivering more community projects. I hope our members and supporters will have seen an increased activity around Equality, Diversity & Inclusion through our social media platforms.

I have simplified our MKDSA membership register that’s easy to use and read.

Finally, I have played a role in delivering the recently announced MKDSA Official Away Travel that supports both supporters and the club.

Committee Member – John Samuel

Proposed by Tony Metcalfe

Seconded by Cheryl Paterson

My name is John Samuel and I wish to stand again at the AGM for a position on the committee.

I have served in various roles in the past and would like to continue to work and support the dedicated and excellent committee to achieve their objectives in the forthcoming season .

Committee Member – Arthur Harris

Proposed by Louis Andrews

Seconded by Franco Volpe

I wish to be considered for re-election on to the committee of the MKDSA as I fee my position on the committee will enhance the MKDSA. I’m 72 years old and have supported the MKDONS since they were formed many years ago. I’m a life member of the club and the MKDSA and a season ticket holder.

Chair – Franco Volpe

Nominated by Ciaron Flanagan

Seconded by Craig Goward

I became the Chair of the committee in January and immediately began the process of rebuilding the relationship with the club. I realised I couldn’t do it all single handedly. With help of a good team and hard work we have grown the trust and respect of the club where now run the official travel, put on our first social event for years, with lots of other plans in progress through our 20th year.

I will give more details about what we have achieved during my statement to the AGM.

Committee Member – Ciaron Flanagan

Proposed by John Samuel

Seconded by Amanda Lansbury

I have been a Dons fan since the clubs move to City and am a season ticket holder. I am now able to share more of my time to support the great work already taking place by the association.

In my 1st year as an MKDSA member, I would like to become a general committee member to understand how the association works with a view to taking on a more specific role in the future.
I am 52 years old, married to Emma with 2 grown-up Sons who have both returned home after university degrees. Dan is also a season ticket holder, and Joe plans to attend as many games as possible this season work permitting. I work for Jaguar Land Rover in Product Engineering, responsible for Electrical Systems Diagnostics, supporting our global retail operations. I am dedicated with a willingness to support any event or projects as required.

Committee Member – Kieran Lansbury-Yemm

Nominated by Patricia Harris

Seconded by Jeff Newall

I would like to be re-elected at the next AGM because due to my circumstancs I am unable to work, so it gives me something to do.

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