The Wrexham Build Up

So here we go.

The first game of the new season is just a few days away, and we’re off to face the Champions of the National League. Record breaking one’s as that.

There’ll be those of you who know me, know this was the ONE fixture I didn’t personally want first game. And we got it. Yes, we have to play them some time, but it’s the media circus that surrounds them that spoils this for me.

It’s great to see the once basket case that was Wrexham back in the EFL. Its been that long our last trip there, the year they went out of the EFL, the same year we won League Two and the EFL Trophy (2007/8) is a fast fading memory.

Big hype follows them about these days and fair play to them. The owners look a lot more genuine than most have done in takeovers in the last few years. I’ve done my research, watching the tv show, and I think Wrexham are in good hands.

The ground was always in need of replacing, and finally, their Kop is being renewed, sadly unused on our last trip, a handsome 4-1 win that was, for those not there, a pretty impressive terrace on its day is in its early development.

Be ready for a lot of noise. They bring it large. Those Welsh and those newly to identify as Welsh love their singing. We need to raise our game. Over a thousand of us heading there need to do our thing too.

Last season is truly a thing of the past, a new manager, a new kit and some new players. Wipe the memory of 2022/23. Reset. We go again.


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