Join the Committee at the AGM

Got some spare time? Want to help make a difference for our growing membership? Then act now, don’t delay.

We’d love to have people like you with a passion for the club, bring your ideas to the committee table, and help us do more for supporters and the wider MK community.

There are several roles currently open if you want a specific portfolio or as a general committee member you just have the enthusiasm to help as part of a group to make projects happen we’d love to have you join us.

You can also stand against someone currently in a role if you want to.

Roles you can apply for are Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Community and EDI, Disability Liaison Officer, Shop and Membership, Community Football Officer, Young Dons and Events, and Media.

We also have a need for an online archivist to help bring our much neglected archive up to date.

We always need volunteers, particularly on match days, and we are going to need more with the things we have planned. So contact us ASAP if you can spare a bit of time.

You will need to have been an MKDSA member for 30 days prior to the AGM and be nominated and seconded by members of the MKDSA to be considered, if there are two candidates for a specific role then there will be a vote taken. (See the constitution for full terms)

All nominations for officer and Committee positions will close, and must be received by the General Secretary (who will confirm receipt) 2 (two) weeks before the AGM, and postal votes must be received by the general secretary (who will confirm receipt) 7 (seven) days before the AGM. All nominees for the Committee must submit up to 150 words on why they wish to be elected. All officer candidates should submit up to 300 words. Failure to submit these candidate statements by the nomination closing date will result in the candidate being removed from standing at that election. These statements will be made available to members 13 (thirteen) days before the AGM to allow people to make informed voting decisions. A member will be considered elected if the majority of those voting vote for them

The AGM is on August 16th which means any nominations need to be in to by August 2nd.

We’d love you to join the MKDSA.

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