Travel Ticket 100 Sold

Our 100th ticket sale was made today, just after in the club shop by the MKDSA volunteers there to assist first time purchases.

The lucky buyer of the 100th ticket was Dons fan Jason Brown. Pictured with away travel specialist John Samuel. We cannot confirm if Jason was camped out overnight at SMK but he was there early.

Now, if I’m hearing this correctly, to acknowledge a little milestone we’ve given Jason a free travel ticket to Colchester later in August ???

Is this right ? Can we afford this? Why am I the last to hear this? We need an inquiry. Damn.

Congratulations go to Jason, and big thank you to everyone who has bought a ticket to not only Wrexham, but also the growing number purchasing Crawley, Colchester and Crewe tickets.

Please book as early as you can so we can get more of you to games.

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