The media is full of views on the recent interview with Dele that has gone viral.

Our favourite son opened up and gave one of the hardest to watch pieces of TV I think many of us will have ever witnessed.

Dons fans were lucky to see the boy become the man on the football pitch with very little idea of what had passed before in his young life.

This sharing has given people lots of things to think about. The majority of us will fortunately never come anywhere close to the horrors experienced by a young Dele.

What it highlights is that a book is never about the cover. You have to flick through the pages to discover the details. Sometimes, that detail can be hard to swallow.

We’re really pleased he now feels able to talk about things and that he’s stronger and mentally in a much better place. Today is a new day. A better day. A day further away from the hurt.

The bottom line here is that we need to look for the signs and provide support for each other. Listen to what people are saying. Be there for people in need.

Dele, we will always love you and are even more proud of you today.

Always A Don

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