Get Yer Kit On


We’ve seen it… we love it and now we can buy it.

The 2023/24 home and second kit goes on sale from midday today. Demand of the plainly beautiful white home and red second kits are anticipated to be far, far higher than the kit we can no longer speak of ever was.

The prices are steep, but in line with many, what replica kits aren’t expendive these days? You can soften the blow by 10% if you are a season ticket holder when buying in person in the club shop #silverlining.

Men’s sizes are £55 pre discount, Women’s sizes are £50 and youth sizes are £45.

If your Monday wasn’t complete with this news, the shop is open later until 6pm AND if that’s still not enough Graham Alexander and some players will be in the shop from 5pm to 5.30pm so have a chat, get a selfie and an autograph.

Please have patience as queues might occur. Stay cool and be happy in the knowledge you are one of the first to buy, and you’ll look darn better than fans did last season.

Oh, and the third kit ??? Think about it here, folks… the anticipation of a much speculated over kit, perhaps The most speculated over kit ever ??

We get to speculate a little longer, we get the anticipation of another kit release event this season, and yes, another salivating drive to get it praying your size isn’t already sold out. This is ninja level marketing. Bravo to them. We love it.

Look forward to seeing your snaps of you in your new kit.

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