Fit Dons with MK Dons SET

If you are between 35 and 65 years old and looking for a way to get fit and perhaps lose a bit of weight then the MK Dons SET have the solution for you.

Its a scheme for men and women and it’s run throught the EFL and its completely free to join.

Theres a little bit of paperwork on your first visit, but you get help. You do a weight, height and blood pressure check . You get an EFL workbook to record all the data and monitor your progress every week.

Sessions start with Mark and Kelly Day leading learning about health eating and a group task and a discussion on exercise completed and any achievements since the previous session. The various participants told the group what they had personally achieved and how it was done. Targets and ways to reach them were planned for the week three session.

Then came the work out. DJ took us out of the Learning Centre at Stadium MK and we did stretching and warm up before heading off on a run around the concourse at our own pace, bearing in mind most of us hadn’t done a lot of exercise in a while, it was quite well paced.

In week one DJ had us working in pairs on a challenge to sit on all the white seats in a given letter in the East Stand. We then did various shuttles and timed exercises.

Week two was slightly different as DJ got us doing different challenges running up and down the Cowshed steps and round the concourse, he kept the session bouncing and interesting.

Its not too late to join in so use the link and get involved.

MK Dons Sports and Education Trust

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