The BOBcat Digital Match Report Burton Albion

The Dons failed to do the one thing they needed to do, score. Burton never looked serious about anything other than to see out the ninety and go on holiday.

We huffed and puffed and even fluffed countless chances to win, but it wasn’t to be. I’m not going to bemoan our misfortune on the day. We’ve had multiple chances to save ourselves. Our last two draws at home from positions we should have won. There’s four points. Enough said.

Today wasn’t about one game. Today was about the worst season. Nothing has ever been as bad as it is today. I’m not talking about the relegation, that happens when you lose too many games.

This goes way deeper to the core of the club. Some can be affected by the fans, but unfortunately, a lot can’t. You can have your say, vent your spleen, and tell people where they went wrong. And the next person won’t agree with you or me. That’s football. It’s beautiful. It’s ugly. It’s brilliant. It’s awful. We simply won’t agree every time. When things don’t go well, it erupts with passion and frustration and can end with confrontations in a car park and all over social media.

The club-fan relationship is at rock bottom. We can all agree on. It’s vital that it is rebuilt, and those first steps happen sooner rather than later.

Missing promotion by one point to missing safety by the same margin a year later.

What is needed to put things right?

Let’s see if we can find it. #Togetherasone

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