The Fleetmaster Big Match Preview Burton Albion

So here we are then. The final game of what will all be by all of us easily acknowledged as a season to forget. Particularly after last season.

Its not all doom and gloom mind, work with me here.

We most definitely are still masters of our own destiny. This week following on from the disappointment of the Barnsley draw (enough said) we’ve had a rather positive awards night under the circumstances and we’ve had yet another successful MK Dons FC, Dons Action and MKDSA joint campaign to sell out the away allocation and get everyone to wear red. I’d suggest we can be rightly proud of our work.

Theres been the message of support from OZ and a previous last day saviour, Gareth Edds. Many will have seen the edited video from thet Lee Scriven (loving your work son), some were fortunate to see the full version with the rude words (viewer discretion) on Wednesday and then the lovely touch from the MK Dons Women’s team with their messages of support (Angelina said 3-0 by the way) showing that we are truly together as one club on the field.

Its therefore a rather simple preview then for a very important match.

Jacko and the team know whats needed. We know whats needed. Whoever takes to the field in red gets our support. We can discuss if the selection, formation and game plan was good at another time.

Simply put if we win it means Morecambe would need to beat Exeter by a better score of something like eight more goals than our winning margin to overtake us to safety.

If we win Cambridge can’t go up no matter what they win by.

If Accrington are to stay up they need us Morecambe and Cambridge to lose and they need to win with a 17 goal swing over us.

The more nerve jangling way to do this is that we simply match the Morecambe and Cambridge results and things stay as they are now with us above the dotted line.

So we need a responsible person to check the other scores so there are no false alarms. Any volunteers ?


Come on you League One Dons. Let’s do this.

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