One More Sleep

Many of us will have a very early alarm call set for a Sunday morning, bacon rolls at the Stadium from 730am, a club coach leaving, a lift with mates or possibly a train departure at 9.08.

Not winning is a reality that we simply cannot face. For those of us there at Millmoor all those years ago we know that feeling of a last day defeat. It wasnt nice. We’ve had more last day success than failure when we’ve needed it and if you want another boost, wearing red has been a lucky colour for us more often than not.

So if you can calm your nerves, get a good nights sleep, wake up positive and don’t forget to put on a red top if you can. That wall of red will be a positive uniting us and the team. All we can after that do is make as much noise as possible, we did it just up the road in Derby a few weeks ago, and we’re taking more fans to Burton and the majority of us are going to be packed in on a terrace. It should be amazing.

Lets do our bit one last time. Come on you Dons.

See you there.

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