Fleetwood Ground Guide

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The 5,327 capacity Highbury Stadium (FY7 6TX) and it is a journey of 197 miles from Stadium MK.

Those preferring to stand will be in the Percy Ronson terrace behind the goal, with those wishing to be seated accommodated in the Parkside Stand. The terrace area is close to the pitch and covered so even a small amount of people can generate some good noise and there are no supporting pillars to obstruct your view.

Food is of the normal football ground fayre and reasonably priced, but alcohol is only available to those in the seated area.

Those partaking in alcoholic beverages prior to going into the ground should check out Jim’s Sports Bar which normally allows in away fans, this should not be confused with the Highbury Club which does not allow in away fans. Other than that, there are 100’s of alternatives especially if pulling into Blackpool first before making the short hop to Fleetwood.

There is no parking for away fans but fear not there is loads of street parking available, and you should easily find a space only a few yards from the ground.

There is no railway station at Fleetwood so you will more than likely arrive at Blackpool North Station which is a £20 cab ride to the Highbury Stadium. Alternatively, you can catch a bus to Fleetwood, Service numbers 14 & 1 should get you there safely. Another route to Fleetwood is the tram service but you will need to walk down to the seafront where services run every 20 minutes and can take up to 40 minutes to get to Fleetwood so leave yourself plenty of time, you will need the Stanley Road stop for the ground.

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