Wembley 15th Anniversary Ticket News

The MKDSA are holding an event in the Players Lounge at StadiumMK on Friday 31st March from 7-10.30pm.

The event is free to members but as its our first event in years we honestly dont know how many of you will want to come and wed like to know if you intend on coming so we can plan the evening.

The evening will be compared by a local celebrity and we are providing food. In the coming days we’ll announce a few other special treats that are happening on the night.

If you like one of the limited tickets (still free by the way) all you need to do is register and we’ll put your name on the guest list after we confirm you are a member. It is first come first served.

There are three ways you can get your ticket

1 In person at our stand in the Arena at Family Fun Day 2 In person at The MKDSA Shop in Lewingtons between 12 and 2.30pm tomorrow 3 Via email at eventsmkdsa@gmail.com

If you arent a member and want to come along just join online here and then follow one of the three steps above to get your tickets.

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