On The Flip Side 2 Exeter City

By Amanda Lansbury Vice Chair and EDI Officer MKDSA

Amanda spoke to Grecian fan Chloe who gave some great answers, thank you Chloe

As a female supporter have you witnessed an increase in female support at your club since women’s football became more popular?

I most definitely have, while there maybe not as many as I would like. We still sing loud and proud to get behind our team. I also support Exeter City ladies too, and my mates go along there too. There is more of a female following there, and a much different atmosphere. But I love it no less.

How long have you supported Exeter City and how did your supporters journey begin?

I’ve been supporting the club the club for over 15 years now. Well ever since I could remember. I used to go to my swimming lessons in the morning, then be up at the park by the afternoon.
As the years have gone by I’ve started to go to / attend more matches be that via iFollow or in person. I try go home and away to support them all, be that the under 18’s, the ladies, or the first team. I can find this a difficult balance between my multiple jobs, University, and football team.

On to football, at this point in the January transfer window Exeter City have made two signings Joe White on loan from Newcastle and Jokull Andresson on emergency loan from Reading. Do you feel the club could strengthen the squad further? or are you happy with what you have already?

Joe White certainly looks very promising. He’s quick on the ball, and I can see the talent. As for Jokull, we’ve met him before, and I’m so glad he’s came back, such a lovely guy. Donated items to the Adam Stansfield trust etc. I wish him all the best!
I am happy with the squad, however I hope to keep my favourite player at Exeter City. There’s been rumours that Josh Key, has been offered contracts by different clubs. But at the end of the day I want him to do what’s best for him, and I will continue to sponsor him whatever club he goes to. (I am currently his third kit sponsor.)

How surprised are you with MK Dons current league position considering we were one point from the championship last season?

I am surprised in a way, however I have not been following your club, like I do mine. But looking at your form / results this hopefully means we stand more of a chance.
However saying that no game is a easy game whether it be top of the league, mid – table, or bottom. We take each game as it comes!

How do you think your team will approach the game on Saturday? ie formation/style.

I reckon we will try and get at least a goal advantage in the first half, to hopefully secure those three points. I think we’ll be a pushing forward too!
We also have impact players, so that will be interesting to see if they start or are subbed on.

If you could have any MK Dons player join your club, who would you choose and why?

Well we have Sam Nombe a former player of yours, he’s certainly a fan’s favourite. Shout out to you Charles!
However my Dad said Dean Lewington!Because he started playing for MK Dons when you started following Exeter City in 2004.

What has been your overall highlight since you started supporting the club?

This is a tough one…. As I have had many of highlights throughout the years. One of them being creating so many beautiful friendships with the fans, players, and their amazing families.
I feel like I have another family now, and it’s always expanding, my love for them is so pure. We support each other when down, and celebrate with each other when happy.( I make Friends wherever I go. Away or home, I talk to them.)
I also volunteer for the club, by cleaning up after match-days etc. I have formed many friendships, most feeling like family. We sadly lost Dacre, but he still lives on in our memories!
Last but not least is when the players remember my name. Especially my favourite player and his family.

Which players do you feel could cause MK Dons some problems on Saturday?

I feel like Joe White, and Jay Standsfield will cause MK Dons some problems, as they are both talented, young, and fresh blood. Therefore they’ll bring new ideas to the game, as they already have a wrath of experience.

Lastly, what is your score prediction for this Saturday’s game?

I hope we’ll win by 2 – 1. I reckon Joe White, and Sam Nombe will score. One in the first half, and the other in the closing minutes of the game. (However I would like to keep a clean sheet.)

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