Third and Final Call to Claim Donated Shirts

By The MKDSA Media Team


The MKDSA are still in possession of the shirts that fans kindly donated for Lewington’s Bar which unfortunately had to be taken down due to fire regulations.

We have had these in our possession for a while now and are looking to return them to their rightfull owners as we cant put them back up.

If you would like your shirt back, please email, letting us know which shirt is yours and any way of confirming it is yours. Alternatively you could simply send us an email or message saying you are willing to donate the shirt so the MKDSA can raise funds for our projects.

Collection will be from the MKDSA Shop in Lewington’s Bar. To arrange collecting your shirt please …

1. Email stating which shirt is yours and possible proof of donation and we will save them for collection.

2. Pop into the MKDSA Shop in Lewington’s Bar to pick them up BEFORE 230pm this SATURDAY.

3. If we do not hear from you by January 28th, any unclaimed shirts will be used to raise funds for the MKDSA.

Please note we can only hold shirts until this Saturday unless otherwise agreed.

We would like to again, thank everyone for their donations of shirts.

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