On The Flip Side 2 – Forest Green Rovers

By Amanda Lansbury Vice Chair and EDI officer MKDSA

Amanda spoke to Rach Twinning who loves all things FGR.

As a female supporter have you witnessed an increase in female support at your club since women’s football became more popular?

There is a definite increase in female supporters. The club is very family friendly so we are starting to see a lot more families attending, so a lot more young girls as well as boys.

How long have you supported Forest Green Rovers and how did your supporters journey begin?

We moved up near FGR back in 2008 and so my husband and son started following them. As the years have gone on I have started taking more of an interest and started following them during lockdown. So it’s my 3rd full season as a fgr supporter as before then I only attended the odd game. 

On to the football,  at this point in the January transfer window FGR have made five signings do you feel the club could strengthen the squad further? or are you happy with what you have already?

I think the signings we have made are pretty good, but would still like to see another 1 or 2 coming in to strengthen and add depth. Possibly another striker ?

How surprised are you with MK Don’s current league position considering we was 1 point of championship last season?

At the beginning of the season I certainly didn’t think MK Dons would be anywhere near the relegation zone with us!

How do you think your team will approach the game on Saturday? ie formation/style

The last 2 games we have looked a different side with the new additions. I’m hoping we play some exciting attacking football.

If you could have any MK Dons player join your club, who would you choose and why?

Louie Barry. He’s young versatile and exciting and think he would fit in with the club well.

What game are you most looking forward to this season and why?

Sheffield Wednesday was one I was really looking forward to going to because of its history. It was a fantastic ground. Out of the remaining away days I would say Bolton and Plymouth. Our stadium is tiny in comparison so love visiting some bigger ones.

What has been your overall highlight since you started supporting the club?

Wow this is hard. There have been so many. Watching our youngest daughter fall in love with the club has been priceless but witnessing promotion from league 2 as champions has to top it all!

Which players do you feel could cause MK Dons some problems this Saturday?

Brandon Cooper, our new CB on loan from Swansea has really impressed so far. He plays like he’s been around forever at the age of 23! Strong, confident and a leader. 

Myles Peart- Harris, a very talented young player who likes the ball and is quick and can cover a lot of ground. 

Lastly what is your score prediction for this Saturdays game?

Obviously I’m hoping for the win but think it will be a close game. I will say 2-1 to fgr 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

Thank you Rach for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions.

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