Ref Watch Fleetwood

By The MKDSA Media Team

We quite love MARTIN COY, he’s been a bit of a lucky charm for us in his last three games with us over the last two seasons. His visit on Saturday could just be what we need at this time.

Martin was the ref for the “I’m not a Manager” Lewi game at Bolton in the 3-3 draw last season.

The last two visits to StadiumMK have been rather beneficial for us. Last season he was here for the 2-0 win over Shrewsbury and the 1-0 win over Portsmouth the season before.

He’s had a flurry of penalties in his last few games (4 in 8) and theres only been two reds from him this season in his 10 games and he’s well below the average yellows dished out per game.

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The Assistant referees will be Anthony Da Costa and Declan Ford the Fourth Official is James Vallance.

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