MKDSA Apology

By Franco Volpe, Vice Chair, MKDSA.

Last night we published an article promoting our Live MKDSA show on our website. We have recieved a complaint to inappropriate wording in the article that caused offence.

The Chair of the MKDSA, Aiden Gray, responded quickly to the complaint immediately apologising and removing the words from the article. The complainant was also assured that there would be a formal apology from the Media Team by tonight.

As the lead of the Media Team it is ulitmately my responsibility to ensure the content of our media output meets the highest standards which our members, readers and the wider Dons community are entitled to expect. In this instance I failed to do this and for this I am extremely sorry and very embarrassed.

The Media Team prides itself in the very high quality of its work and the MKDSA strive as an organisation to represent all of its supporters equally, fairly and responsibly. The MKDSA has championed the #HerGameToo with Hannah, our Ambassador, who was on our show only last week and we have consistently covered and promoted both the MK Dons Women’s and Academy sides.

Amanda Lansbury our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer and I have discussed the matter and as soon as is practicable she will be contacting all the people who contribute to our articles to ensure everyone understands what is and isn’t acceptable. The MKDSA will discuss the matter at our next Committee meeting in January and minutes will be published.

With regards to the facebook user who has made this complaint and wishes to remain anonymous, the MKDSA fully respect this decision, understands and supports, the MKDSA will not be releasing any information to identify the individual involved and we will not be making any further comment on the matter.

Once again on behalf of the MKDSA I apologise for any upset this may have caused.  

Franco Volpe Vice Chair MKDSA

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