Armed Forces Day Special The Veteran Interview

By Amanda Lansbury


“For the Fallen” is a poem written by Laurence Binyon

A Passage from the poem

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning.

We will remember them.

Today is Armed Forces Day at Stadium MK, we go up against Derby County and whilst we may see this as a battle in itself, for us there are more importantly service men and women who have battled up front and behind the scenes in military services all across the world to bring us a better future and a lot who have given their lives so that we may live ours.

Adrian Walden is a former military man who is a popular MK Dons supporter who sits in the cowshed cheering on the Dons every week. I had the chance to ask Adrian some questions to get a look into his time spent serving in the military.

  • Adrian Walden
  • Adrian Walden
  • Adrian Walden

How Long have you been an MK Dons supporter and do you support any other teams?
I have been with the MK Dons since 2016, and yes I’m a Manchester United fan since the age of 10, can’t afford the tickets for them now since moving to Milton Keynes I started coming to the dons.

How important is armed forces day to you and why? Armed forces day is very important to me seeing all the young men and women in uniform takes me back when I was in.

What part of the armed forces were you assigned too?
I spent most of my TA career in the Royal core of signals.

What was your role?
I was an electrician driver, for example suppling power to the coms and suppling the troops with equipment, food, water and ammunition.

How long did you serve for your country?
I proudly served my country for over 15 years.

Did your armed forces experience help you to decide what career
path you have taken today?

Yes I got my HGV license with the army, I am now a long distance lorry driver.

Did you receive any medals or accolades whilst serving for your country?
Yes I received my Iraq medal in 2004, but I have never worn it, people say that I’m a hero, I’m not a hero at all, the guys and girls who are rebuilding there live’s after losing a limb or two, they’re the real hero’s in my book.

What did you enjoy most whilst serving for your country?
Going to different places in England/Europe and going to try and win the hearts and minds of the Iraq people, learnt a lot of life skills and meeting so many wonderful people in the army and I would do it all again if I was younger and fitter.

Thank you very much for your time and for letting us get a small glimpse into your life in the Army, I hope you enjoy Armed Forces day today.

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