Trash Talk Derby County

By Ty Jenner

Ty dips into his extensive book of contacts

On Saturday, MK Dons return to league action as they take on Derby County. In preparation for the match, we spoke to Derby fan Jazmine on Twitter to ask some questions regarding the game. Many thanks for taking part!

  • Since relegation from the Championship, how do you think your side have been so far this season?

Honestly, I think we could’ve done better, but i’m happy with how we’re doing at the minute.

  • Where do you think Derby fans will be looking to finish in the league this season?

I’ve spoken to a few supporters when I go to matches and a lot of us are hoping to win the league so we don’t stupidly lose in the play-offs, but honestly speaking I think we’ll finish about 6th.

  • Were you happy with the clubs’ activity and business in the transfer market during the summer?

I was. We made so many brilliant signings like Mendez-Laing and McGoldrick (along with every other new player), they have all impacted the club in such a good way and they’re appreciated so much.

  • Who or what made you support Derby?

Some of my family live there! The first time I visited them we went to a game together and I just fell in love with the club

  • Over 6,000 of your fans are making the trip down the M1, do you think the mass support can influence the result?

I really hope so. I’m sure the players will give it their all anyway, but that amount of fans can really push them for a win. We’re loud singers!

  • Will it be your first time coming to Stadium MK? What is your opinion of the ground?

No it won’t be my first time. I’ve seen the Dons play a few times. The stadium is really nice! It just deserves more fans.

  • How do you think your team will approach the game?

I think we’ll be putting some of our strongest players on. We’ll probably use a back 4 which is usually solid with Roberts, Cashin, Forsyth and Smith starting there most games, and it’ll probably really difficult for you to get past our LB (Roberts). I’m then hoping for Mendez-Laing and a Knight start, but Knight just recovered from an injury so I’m not really sure about him. 

  • What players do you think the Dons should look out for/who will cause the Dons problems?

You really need to watch Mendez-Laing running down the right because he is a unit. I have no idea who your LB is since it seems to change each game but he needs to watch out! Wildsmith, our goalkeeper, is absolutely brilliant aswell!

  • How surprised have you been by MK Dons’ start to the League One season baring in mind they were a point away from the Championship last season?

I was extremely surprised. I thought they’d be winning most of their games and I was actually scared for Derby to face them, so it’s going to be a really good game hopefully!

  • If you could have any current player from the Dons who would it be and why?

Whenever I watched the Dons I always appreciated Mo Eisa. I have no clue why, but the way he plays is fascinating to me. I really like Dennis too, his goal during the week was lovely!

  • Thank you for participating, it really helps us understand our opponents and what to expect from them. Finally, what do you think the score will be?

Hoping it’ll be 0-2 or 1-2 to Derby. I think either Knight or Sibley will score the first and and Collins will score the second. Will Grigg possibly scoring for Dons

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