Barnsley: Level Playing Field

By Jo and Jeff Newall, Disability Officers, MKDSA

Jo and Jeff give us an insight into attending our up coming away game on Saturday 19th November at Oakwell, Barnsley.

Oakwell is the only Stadium in League 1 this season that we have not previously visited, so we have no personal knowledge to share. In addition, we can’t find any info for disabled away fans on Barnsley’s website.

The only info we can offer is therefore from Level Playing Field’s website

Our reading on LPF’s page of what previous disabled aways fans have said is that there are issues at Oakwell with the location of the parking, the positioning of the carer/pa seats for wheelchair users and the view for wheelchair users. If any of these sound like they are going to affect you, we would definitely recommend a read of this link. Otherwise all appears good!

If you have any specific questions/queries/suggestions about this trip or any other disability related issues, please do contact us at or find us where we usually loiter on Row EE near Aisle 13.

Experience teaches us, we make no guarantees that we can provide the responses you will be wanting but we will do our best!

See you at the next game.
Jo & Jeff (The green powerchair & white cane duo!)

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