MKDSA Movember The Runners and Riders

By The MKDSA Media Team

The time is almost here for the fantastic four to start their best efforts at growing a nose warmer, all for a brilliant cause. So dig deep and reward the efforts of the boys with a few quid please.

Our team in this years Movember are MKDSA Committee Members Jeff Newall Treasurer and Disability Officer, Steve Manning Membership Secretary, John Samuel Committee Member and Franco Volpe Vice Chair.

Our Volunteers

The boys would welcome your support in the form a donation

You can contribute in these ways:

Donate directly into the MKDSA Secure Movember Account at

Or, write a cheque to ‘Movember’ referencing our registration ID
(14778323) and mail it to: Movember Europe, PO Box 68600, London, EC1P 1EF United Kingdom.

Updates on the progress or lack of progress to follow …..

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