Rainbow Laces

By Amanda Lansbury, EDI Officer, MKDSA

The MKDSA is proud to acknowledge and support the Rainbow Laces campaign at Stadium MK today the 22nd of October where we are at home to Wycombe Wanderers, our players will all be wearing Rainbow Laces to show their full support and help drive out homophobic behaviour in sports, with the help of this campaign.

Please see a little background on how it all began!!!!

Rainbow Laces is a Stonewall campaign that began in 2013, where participants do something active while wearing Rainbow Laces in their boots or trainers, to show their support for LGBT equality. It has grown from a campaign that specifically focused on homophobia in football, to something that now acknowledges the challenges all spectrums of the LGBT community face within sport as a whole. It’s a positive campaign that celebrates

LGBT people and helps to start conversations about how we can improve LGBT inclusion across sports so that they become everyone’s game.

More than 82% of LGBTQ+ across Europe have experienced and witnessed Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia this is unacceptable.

Lets stand up to discrimination and together fight homophobic attitudes, everyone deserves to play and be involved!!!!

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