Movember and The MKDSA

By Amanda Lansbury, EDI Officer, MKDSA

November starts the very important MOVEMBER campaign for men’s mental health and prostate cancer. The MKDSA is proud to be supporting this very special event by growing some of the funkiest, craziest maybe even retro moustaches all for the great cause and maybe just to annoy their other halves but most of all to raise lots of money for reasons such as medical research, ground breaking tests and trials, life – changing men’s health programs and innovative treatments, shortly I will be releasing how you can donate to raise the target of £175 maybe even more.

Did you know that just by giving £10 it can help provide reassurance and peer to peer support for a man who’s just received a testicular cancer diagnosis through the nuts & bolts program, more information will follow soon so watch this space, I would like to give special thanks to Aiden Gray, Franco Volpe, Steve Manning and John Samuel who have all agreed to grow the moustaches.

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