By WhistleBlower.

Before we look at this weekends ref, just a quick mention on our ref on Tuesday night who I thought was terrible. Fouls that needed swift action with a flash of a yellow card never came, players taking freekicks and throws miles from where they occurred happened on occasions but not all the time, so a lowly 5 from me for Tom Nield from West Yorkshire, let’s hope he had a pleasant trip home to Gods Great County.

This weekend we welcome Tom Reeves from Warwickshire, which is much more to our liking, we just don’t like long travelling refs, its not good for the environment. Mr Reeves will be assisted / hindered by Alex James and Andrew Laver on the flags, with Jack Clench as the 4th Official.

So far Mr Reeves has overseen 5 games this season booking 15 players, 0 double yellows, and 0 red cards, but he has awarded 2 spot kicks.

Last season Ref Reeves was the man in the middle for 36 games booking 120 players, 4 of which he converted to double yellows, he also sent off 3 players and awarded 3 penalties, so with 2 already this season he is on target to smash that.

In that season we saw Mr Reeves just once in our 2-1 home defeat with Oxford United. Boateng got us off to a great start with a goal in the 11th minute, but Oxford pegged us back with goals in the 65th minute by Matty Taylor, and then again in 79th minute when Mark Sykes latched onto a poor back pass and stuck it into an empty net.

All too late Oxford were reduced to 10 men when Jordan Thorniley was sent off for a second yellow card offence, Thorniley was hardly down the tunnel when the final whistle sounded, and the Dons dropped down to 9th after 22 games.

This will be Mr Reeves 2nd season in the EFL after being on the Fast Track Programme overseeing his progression from the National League.

Sorry we cannot find a photo of Mr Reeves anywhere on the net, so we have posted a nice picture of a whistle.

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