By WhistleBlower

A midweek fixture for us against Port Vale on Tuesday night but before we look at this week’s official just a quick word and score on Saturday’s man in black Carl Brook. I cant say as I saw anything untoward so I will give him a healthy 8.

Moving swiftly on then, on Tuesday we welcome Tom Nield from West Yorkshire, so just a quick drive for him then of 2½ hours and over 300 miles to travel, should we be surprised, I guess not as its common practice from the EFL these days. He is joined on the flags by Daniel Cook and Dean Treleaven on the flags, the latter with a suspiciously Cornish name, looks like the EFL have gone OTT on this fixture, Alan Young is the man tasked with the 4th Official duties.

Mr Nield has so far been tasked with just two fixtures (not including Saturday), in those games he has booked 5 players and awarded 1 penalty.

Last season he oversaw 29 games booking 115 players, and he converted one of those to a double yellow offence. In addition, he sent off just 2 players, but has a high penalty count at this level awarding 7 penalties.

We saw him just once last season in our 4-2 home defeat to Aston Villa U23’s, Parrott, and Watters with our goals.

Previous brushes with Mr Nield came in Feb 2021 where we drew 2-2 at home to Sunderland, Mason and Jerome with the goals and Mr Nield collecting 7 names for his notebook.

Prior to that the only other fixture I can see is back in October 2018 where we won a home fixture in LG2 against Cheltenham Town 3-0, Aneke, Healey, and Simpson from the spot were the scorers, what would you pay to have strikers like that now.

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