The 8,127 capacity Abbey Stadium (CB5 8LN) of which 4,376 are seated.

The MK Army is on the move again with another thousand plus travelling to this one, that’s six on the bounce for a club without fans as we take over the Marston’s Smooth stand that has a capacity of 1,600.

A relatively short journey for us to the stadium of just 50 miles from SMK but no easy route as it’s A roads all the way.

Researching this it seems we must enter the away section via a path across Coldham Common which is occasionally used for grazing cows, whilst the sight of cows will probably make it have a homely feel and all that, it appears the pathway can become a bit of a minefield of cow pats.

Once in the ground the stand is relatively modern with good views of the pitch and the usual football fayre available but I’m not so sure about alcohol in the ground.

For those needing a pre-match drink you may be allowed in the supporter’s bar for a fee of £2, but that privilege may be withdrawn for this game being a local derby. So, you may be struggling for a pre-match pint with several pubs in the local area closed down and the only alternative is to walk into town, if that’s your choice it’s a good 20-minute walk, but if you do see if you can find The Tram Depot pub down Dover Street just past KFC, it’s in the Good Ale guide and described as a character pub, that probably means run down and in need of decorating.

Parking is very poor with nothing available at the ground, my only advice would be park as far away as possible as its notorious for becoming gridlocked after the game. Our recommendations would be as you approach the ground with it on your left-hand side, turn immediately right, there are no restrictions on this road and you can drive back through the estate and pick up the main drag, don’t turn round and go back to the junction, you will regret it.

I can’t imagine many will make their way via the train, but if you do, be aware it’s a two-mile trek to the Abbey Stadium regardless of which of the two stations in Cambridge you use.

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