Many thanks to our Oxford fan for this weeks helping of Trash Talk, and with a surprising prediction at the end.

1 – Do your pre-season expectations for your team match the reality of where you are in the League 1 table?

Before the season began, I thought we would finish 6th scraping playoffs for the 3rd time in a row so we’re doing slightly worse than I expected right now.

2 – With about a month left in the fixtures calendar, where do you see your club ending up in the League 1 table, and in the same manner where do you think the MK Dons will finish up?

I believe if we beat Sunderland, we will finish 6th with a bit of hope, and with MK I think you’ll finish 2nd if Rotherham stay on their current form and you guys stay on your current form 

3 –The playoff picture is still very confused, who do you see going up as of right, and the four clubs to make the playoffs, and indeed the playoff winners?

Top 2 will be 1st Wigan 2nd MK and as for the playoffs I think it will be 3rd Rotherham, 4th Wednesday, 5th Plymouth, 6th Oxford. Rotherham to win the playoffs. 

4 – At the other end of the table the race for survival is also on, who do you think will get relegated?

I think 21st will be Fleetwood 22nd will be Doncaster 23rd will be AFC Wimbledon 24th will be Crewe. 

5 – Who for you is the best player in League 1?

I think the best player in League 1 currently is Alfie May. 

6 – Who are the best and worst teams you have played this season?

I think the best team we’ve played this season is Wycombe as they took 6 points from us, worst team probably Gillingham as we beat them 7-2. 

7 – All fans love an away day; can you tell us the best and worst grounds you have visited and why?

My best away day has got to be Sunderland away, the atmosphere was fantastic, the worst away day was Gillingham as their chips were awful and their ketchup dripped out the box and onto my clothes. 

8 – Can you tell us the style of play we can expect to see from your team?

We usually play a possession-based game very similar to yourselves. 

9 – Can you give us a player from each team that you feel will have the greatest influence on the result of the game?

I think for Oxford Matty Taylor will have the biggest influence and for MK it’s probably Scott Twine as he’s the one most excited to play us as he’s a Swindon lad. 

10 – Thanks for taking part, all we need now is your prediction for the game?

Thanks for asking me, I think it will be 1-3, MK Dons to win.

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