Many thanks to our undercover Trash Talker this week, its very sad that for the second time he has had to request that we do not mention his name for fear of retribution from his own fans, but we thank him anyway for his contribution, your secret is safe with us.  

1 – Do your pre-season expectations for your team match the reality of where you are in the League 1 table?

I was hoping we could have a season without looking over our shoulders without worrying about relegation and bettering our record best 15th position, and with the return to Plough Lane I was hoping that would be the case, but it’s been a real struggle, especially at home. We have had an awful run and its only because the teams below us are so poor we only fell into the bottom four recently. Sadly, we had to let Robbo go last week, in honesty he was out of his depth, a good guy and a club stalwart, but the job was beyond him. What we’re going to do now God only knows, Darius took charge for a couple of days and now we have Mark Bowen until the end of the season, he has a good pedigree so that has rekindled some enthusisasm. For me it was time to move away from prospective managers with a Wimbledon link, its not working, and talk of someone like Sam Allardyce is crazy, as if we could afford him.

2 – With about a month left in the fixtures calendar, where do you see your club ending up in the League 1 table, and in the same manner where do you think the MK Dons will finish up?

I still feel confident we can rescue the situation especially with Bowen in charge, we have a few games left at home that I think we can get something out of, but there is no room for error. As for you lot, I cannot see you going up, I can’t see you going up in the automatics either, you can have your top 6 finish, but we will see you next season as you suffer playoff heartbreak.

3 –The playoff picture is still very confused, who do you see going up as of right, and the four clubs to make the playoffs, and indeed the playoff winners?

Having a look at the fixtures remaining Plymouth are going to have a big say in the final placings, I take them to finish second just behind Wigan. You will finish in the playoffs along with bottle jobs Rotherham, then Oxford, and Sheffield Wednesday, Oxford to have a big day out at Wembley with that obnoxious scouser Robinson.

4 – At the other end of the table the race for survival is also on, who do you think will get relegated?

We’re used to a scrap for survival so as I’ve said I think we will pull away with a couple of games to go. Crewe are awful and look just about sunk already, Morecambe aren’t much better, and I think Fleetwood will also go down along with Doncaster.

5 – Who for you is the best player in League 1?

To be honest I don’t take much notice of other teams’ players, but if you pressed me, I would probably go for Joe Edwards the Plymouth skipper, I was really impressed the way he led by example, the type of player we could do with.

6 – Who are the best and worst teams you have played this season?

Plymouth are probably the best all round team we have played this season, they really don’t look like a team with a weakness and judging by their recent record they are playing their way to promotion. There are a few contenders for the worst team, and we have made poor teams look good recently, but purely because they look down and out, I will probably go for Crewe.

7 – All fans love an away day; can you tell us the best and worst grounds you have visited and why?

I’m no fan of soulless bowls like your place, I’m more of a traditionalist old school fan, but even that is a step too far as places like Gillingham should be pulled down, terrible place. I managed to get up to Sheffield Wednesday last weekend, my first time, cracking place, but gutting to lose it after we had frustrated them for much of the afternoon.

8 – Can you tell us the style of play we can expect to see from your team?

I wish I knew; our former manager Robbo was woefully inexperienced as is most of our young team, and League 1 is no place to be learning on the job for players or managers. We on occasions look well in control of games but you can see panic is setting in during some games especially when its tight, and we have folded at crucial times. If we can see a game or two out between now and the end of the season, I think that will give us the confidence to see out the season.

9 – Can you give us a player from each team that you feel will have the greatest influence on the result of the game?

I’m going to say three for us who are all going to have to be near their best if we are to beat you, Tzanev in goal who can be superb and dodgy in equal measures, Rudoni who went totally missing at your place and Cosgrave who we brought in to replace Ollie Palmer, he’s only scored once so far at the time of writing but I think he has the potential to rescue us this season, become a hero and dent your playoff push.

I’d say most of yours will influence the result, as much as it hurts to say it, you haven’t got where you are in the table with rubbish players. I mentioned Rudoni went missing at your place and that was mainly down to Darling who completely schooled him, to get something out of the game we must get the better of him, hopefully Jack will return the lesson.

10 – Thanks for taking part, all we need now is your prediction for the game?

A lot at stake in this game, we need the points to put pressure on the other teams and inflict a heavy blow on you trying to go up. You will probably bring about your usual 200 or so fans which will be a double embarrassment for you, pity there wont be more to see the Real Dons win 2-1 and record a memorable victory…. see you next season.

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