Once again, it’s the ever-popular TRASH TALK as we get an opposition fans view of our forthcoming fixture on Tuesday night. This week we have Crewe Alex fan Stuart Price from the Railwaymen Podcast, many thanks Stuart, and we have to say you raised a few eyebrows at MKDSA HQ with your score prediction.

1 – Can you give us a surprising fact about your club that very few people would know?

Most people will know Crewe as ‘The Railwaymen’, or simply ‘The Alex’, but one thing I’ve learnt since doing this podcast is that Crewe had a different nickname in the 1960s and further back. They were one of several teams called ‘The Robins’, due to their red kit. I only found this out last season, and that was due to watching every game with the IFollow commentary of our two, very knowledgeable Crewe commentators. I prefer the more unique Railwaymen though, as our club’s nickname. It also works well for a podcast!

2 – With about a month left in the fixtures calendar, where do you see your club ending up in the League 1 table, and in the same manner where do you think the Dons will finish up?

There’s no doubt where Crewe will finish. As I write this, we are talking about beating Fleetwood, Doncaster, and Wimbledon, just to give us a chance of staying up. That isn’t going to happen for the same reason we are at the end of March and have 6 league wins all year. Where will we finish? Dead last. 

In terms of MK, from the outside the club looks like it’s heading in the right direction, and in great form right now, beating Rotherham and drawing with Wigan recently. Will it be enough? Possibly, but possibly not, as Wigan and Rotherham will both be tough to chase, in terms of their squad, points already gained and games in hand. 

3 – Rotherham did look nailed on to go up a few weeks ago, with possibly Wigan in second, but we haven’t given up the chase just yet, the rest is a bit of a lottery. Who is your tip for the two teams having a day out at Wembley in the playoff final, and the ultimate winner?

As I just said, there’s a chance MK may catch one or both two sides currently in the top 2. I would agree though with the play offs being a lottery. If MK are in them at the end of the season, you’d have to favour them on current form. A few weeks ago, I’d have said that Wycombe do know how to get over the line, from previous experience, but as I write this, they’re currently 8th. It will be close, tense, and exciting at that end, that’s for sure.

4 – At the other end of the table the race for survival is also on, who do you think will get relegated?

Crewe plus 3 others.

Honestly all the current bottom 5 teams deserve it. Between them they have not won 1 single game in their last 5 games. That’s an unbelievable statistic and shows just how far off the pace they (we) have been this season. 

5 – Much has been said about the price of football, especially with some of facilities on offer, what’s a fair price of entry at this level in your opinion?

Nobody should be paying more than £20 to watch a game of football. This might be slightly off topic, but I paid £4 to watch the UAE vs South Korea in a World Cup Qualifier the other night. That may be too much (little) to ask, but any more than £20 in League One is just proving to people what some already suspect, that match-going fans are not important anymore.

6 – Recent weeks has seen several incidents of crowd trouble, with fans running on the pitch and striking players, offensive chanting, fighting outside of grounds, and it almost feels like a return to the problem days of the 70’s & 80’s. We think that social media is at the heart of this, what’s your take on it?

It certainly looks that way, we recently had the problem of Bolton fans running on the pitch to celebrate a last-minute winner at our place. I think the question you must ask is – why? In terms of social media being the problem, it can be that way. Part of the problem is you are most likely to engage with people you already share views with, therefore amplifying what you think to be right before it becomes the ‘truth’. I’m not sure what the answer is though as social media is a great tool, if used correctly. The only way our pod is anywhere near the size it currently is, is down to social media. 

7 – All fans love an away day; can you tell us the best and worst grounds you have visited and why?

As someone who hasn’t been on a Crewe Alex away day since March 2020 (due to covid and then relocating) I would say that that game, at Walsall has taken on quite a good level in my mind. 1-0 down at half time, to win 2-1, I started to believe we were looking at a Championship winning side. Something I still believe would have happened if not for Covid.

8 – Can you tell us the style of play we can expect to see from your team?

If you can tell, let us know! The use of the word style and this Crewe team make it invalid as a question, sorry!

9 – Can you give us a player from each team that you feel will have the greatest influence on the result of the game?

Influence? I can name you a few players who will be in red who would be a positive influence for MK. 

In seriousness, for Crewe, maybe Chris Long, he runs around a lot, and that is better than most this season. He sometimes scores too, he will always be good for at least one ridiculous shot, every game, from 40 yards out by the touchline.

Looking at the MK squad, it’s an embarrassment of riches for a League One side, I’m going to be boring and stick with the obvious Scott Twine, leading the team in goals and assists, deserves recognition. 

10 – Thanks for taking part, all we need now is your prediction for the game?

MK 0-3 Crewe

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