As ever in these big matches we always hope that at 10 to 5 we aren’t talking about the ref and the role he has played in the result, to us the best ref in the one you don’t notice throughout the 90 minutes, so fingers crossed the man in the middle on Saturday will not be the main talking point for either side.

The man in question is Marc Edwards from Tyne & Wear and at the time of writing he has officiated at 19 games this season including our 1-0 home victory against Portsmouth in September of this season, but who scored the goal, more on that in a bit.

Over those 19 games he has shown the yellow card on 62 occasions, and as of yet he has now found the need to card the same player twice in a game. He has given just one player his marching orders in that time, and in addition awarded 4 penalties.

Looking back to the Pompey victory at SMK, did you get the answer, it was a tough one as it was Ethan Robson. The game was also a milestone for the skipper as it was his 700th league appearance for the Dons.

Assisting Mr Edwards on the flags will be David Avent and Paul Newhouse, with Ross Joyce as the 4th Official.

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