We have recieved this from Gabriel Sutton, and thought it only right to publish it.

I’m an EFL writer/pundit and as you are probably aware by now, I have made numerous comments on social media about MK Dons.

Many, many of those comments were in support of the club as a community asset that brings enormous value not just to the city, but also English football as a whole – and you can find this for yourself on Twitter @GabSutton.

However, it cannot be ignored that one of the things I said was that AFC Wimbledon carried the spiritual identity of Wimbledon FC.

I should have known it then – but I certainly know it now – this was a mistake. I made an objective assertion on a subjective issue. 

There are MK Dons fans who had followed the original Wimbledon, and my comments did a disservice to those people. The comments dictated how those fans should see and feel about their own team. This was absolutely wrong.

For that, I wholeheartedly apologize, as you may have seen I did on Facebook a couple of days ago.

All the evidence which I won’t go into in here is that because of this tweet, my reputation within the MK Dons community is broken beyond repair and I’ve simply accepted the situation.

For that reason, I don’t feel it would be sensible for me to cover the club in the foreseeable future, but nonetheless I still want to offer this apology out of principle – and perhaps in the hope that there might be a door open for some progressive dialogue sometime in the future.

Either way, it’s been a wonderful experience to write and pundit on this fantastic football club over the last few years and something I won’t forget.

All the best for the rest of the season and beyond.



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