The second ground to come under our scrutiny in the Donny & Mooie Trophy, and its no shock that the Bolton rating beats last weeks effort from Bournemouth.

Many thanks to Groundhopper for casting an eye on the University of Bolton Stadium.

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First Impressions of the stadium, parking, ease of entry.8Fans coach caught in traffic again, but despite arriving at 2-15pm the stewards acted quickly to get the fans parked up and in the ground.
Food & Drink, range, quality, price.7Standard stuff, although they ran out of cheeseburgers and hot dogs quickly. Staff were slow and some beverages were flat.
View from your seat, any poles in the way, obstructed view, seat broken?9Modern stadium so great views, Unfortunately two seats broke in the goal celebrations.
Home team support, was it a library, good banter between the fans?7Fairly vocal with good banter between the fans.
What were the stewards like, helpful and friendly or jobsworths?6Stewards were placid, to the degree a flare went off in the home end and they didn’t stir from their slumbers.
Toilet facilities, clean and well equipped with hot water, disgusting.8Hot water., clean, tidy and modern.
Ticket pricing, did the price reflect the facilities of the ground?8£21 for an adult is about average for this level.
Ground facilities, half time service, did they let fans outside at halftime?5Nothing at halftime, and fans weren’t allowed out for a cigarette, in fact stewards told fans to smoke in the loos.
Match atmosphere, did the Dons fans give good support?8Plenty of support for the lads and the goal celebrations were different class. Told no drums allowed yet sure enough Bolton had one.
Ease of exit, did the carpark clear quickly, traffic around the stadium?8Swift exit for the fans coach, even though yet again another ground with just one exit.
Any other observations or comments that may have affected your scoring? The MKDSA will be writing to Bolton regarding their no drums policy, when clearly Bolton fans had one. If it was down to us if we get refused entry we would not allow a drum in our ground when they come visiting, in honesty it’s a bit pathetic and we don’t understand why Bolton feel the need to lie about it.
Name – GroundhopperTotal Score out of 100   74/100
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