Each away game we will be rating the facilities, each category will be scored out of 10, with a total score out of 100.

CategoryScore Comments
First Impressions of the stadium, parking, ease of entry.6Coaches delayed in traffic, arrived 14-20 then further delayed entry to coach park by attendant collecting car parking fees.
Food & Drink, range, quality, price.4Basic range and very expensive, £2-50 for a bottle of water and £4-50 for a 300ml bottle of lager.
View from your seat, any poles in the way, obstructed view, seat broken?9Good well-maintained seats but dusty, view slightly obstructed by a TV gantry
Home team support, was it a library, good banter between the fans?3Poor support from the home fans despite winning 5-0.
What were the stewards like, helpful and friendly or jobsworths?5Varied attitudes from stewards.
Toilet facilities, clean and well equipped with hot water, disgusting.8Hot running water is always a bonus, clean and well maintained.
Ticket pricing, did the price reflect the facilities of the ground?8£15 for an adult ticket was reasonable.
Ground facilities, half time service, did they let fans outside at halftime?3No half time entertainment, smokers not allowed to go out at halftime, Covid restrictions were the reason given
Match atmosphere, did the Dons fans give good support?8Don’s fans very vocal, although passions were running high there was no excuse for the obscene chanting sung by the minority
Ease of exit, did the carpark clear quickly, traffic around the stadium?5One exit made for big delays leaving the ground and getting onto the main roads.
Any other observations or comments that may have affected your scoring?
Name – GroundhopperTotal Score out of 100   59/100
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