We are indebted to 40 year old Ben Nicholls a Swindon Robins fan who has taken the time to speak to us in what must be a really difficult time for him and the rest of the Swindon fans. We have all been there, and not that long ago, and we all know it hurts and is very frustrating to see the team not playing well and underperforming, I have to say the answers you gave us were really honest and I could almost feel the pain in your comments, and I have to add the clubs reaction regarding season ticket holders is appalling. We wish you better times ahead, stay safe, and if the worst comes to the worst we hope to see you again soon… League 1 though.

For the benefit of those reading this article, at the time of writing John Sheridan was still the gaffer at Swindon.

We are now well into the season, has it gone about how you thought it would for your club this season so far?  

At the end of last season, we were hopeful if we kept the squad together plus made 4/5 additions we couple keep momentum bat perhaps push for a playoff spot, but with events off the field we needed to evaluate our expectations. However the squad we had at the start of the season and for most of it should be comfortably mid table, sadly It’s not gone that way. We have a manager with certain ideas of playing that doesn’t match our squad and is not good enough adapt his style to our team. So all season he’s been trying to sledgehammer a round pegs in square holes. It’s not worked and will not work. He keeps trying though.

Where do you think your club will finish up in the league this season?  

24th sadly.

What has been your best result this season, and of course your worst?  

Best – Oxford away. We’ve waited 20 years to beat them up the road. To beat them the way we did and in their own back yard was so sweet. The one and only highlight  of a very, very dark season. 

Worst – Well at time of writing we’ve managed to lose a club record equalling 26 games this season. But I’m going to go for our defeat against Rochdale. The performance was depressing, Rochdale were bad, but we were simply dreadful. Disjointed, lacked any shape, and we were beaten fairly comfortably by a team with 1 home win all season (which was in October). Awful performance when we were desperate for a win. Just about sent us down. Depressing. 

Do you think your club has acted well towards the fans in terms of compensation, offers and discounts for season ticket holders?  

No – I could easily write a dissertation on the negligence of our ownership. 

Our owner has ceased all communication with our supporters trust. They were supposed to discuss rewarding  ST holders for this season and going forward ST tickets for next season.  However, that’s not happened. Our owner doesn’t communicate with the fans, so we have no idea what’s happening or if they are even going to do anything.

Which opposition team that you have played has impressed you the most this season? 

It’s a hard one. Teams really haven’t needed to play well to beat us. When you travelled down we didn’t press, and you passed the ball like Barca. I don’t think I’ve seen more of a one sided 1st half. I’ll go for you guys. 

Which player has stood out for your team this season, and which player has come through the ranks and looks a real prospect?  

That’s still at the club? We off loaded done good players in Jan. ….hmm I’d say Jack Payne then, a good player, great passer, decent shot on him, good carrier of the ball, try’s hard and doesn’t deserve be at the club if I’m honest, deserves better. Up and coming we’ve only got one Scott Twine. Plenty of Championship interest, a very talented youngster with one hell of a shot on him. Will do really well at a good club next season.  

Which MK Dons player stands out to you as a game changer in our clash?  

Will Grigg scores goals. Think he might get a couple on Saturday.

What style of play can we expect to see from your team? 

Long ball (hoooooooof) though Sheridan denies we are a long ball team. We average the highest amount of long balls in the league, 92 per game. That’s a lot of running for our barrel chested lone striker Brett Pitman to run on to (bless him).

Have you ever been to Stadium MK, if so, what’s your opinion on it?  

Yes….About 4/5 times. we normally do fairly well. Last time out a terrific 3-2 win. I remember going 2-1 up seconds after you equalised. Great away day. Lovely stadium, Premier League ground. 

Where do you think the MK Dons will finish in the league table?

Mid table, and I’m very jealous. 

From what you have seen, who are your tips for the league title, promotion, and relegation?

Hull title, Peterborough up, Blackpool via the Play offs.  
Down……Bristol Rovers. Northampton, Rochdale. Swindon.

Can you give us your match prediction?

3-0 MK Dons

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