On Monday we had a ref that bottled a red card decision, not a great surprise when you consider ref Woolmer has dished out just one red card this season, we can only wonder what the player had to do to warrant that, as the incident in our match versus Crewe looked to be a clear cut standard decision. I guess we shouldn’t be shocked, the level of officiating is poor at this level, in fact it doesn’t get much better when you step up to the Premiership and they have VAR to help them, and they still manage to get it wrong.

This week we have Tom Nield in charge and as far as I can recall we have never had an issue with him, so fingers crossed we don’t have one at ten to five on Saturday.

Ref Nield has been in the middle in charge on 28 occasions this season, handing out 99 yellow cards, and just 2 red cards, and awarding just 2 penalties.

Like many refs today Mr Nield is not a full time ref, juggling his ref’s duties with his daytime job of Senior Matron in the South Yorkshire Hospital close to his Wakefield home and is on the front line tackling Covid 19 in the ICU wards, so well done to him.

The last time we saw him was in Feb of this year when we played out a 2-2 home draw with Sunderland, Mason and Jerome scoring for us. Mr Nield had a busy afternoon back then booking 7 players, Laird, Surman, and Jerome for us.

Mr Nield is assisted by Michael Webb and Richard Wigglesworth on the flags, and regular to the 4th official duties Sam Purkiss.

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