Many thanks to 50 year old Jason Taylor who is the Supporter Liaison Officer for Wigan Athletic for taking the time out to answer our questions this week. I have to say reading your responses that is a superb effort by the fans of Wigan to raise that amount of money and in such difficult times. We wish you all the best for the rest of the season and we hope to see you next year.

We are now well into the season, has it gone about how you thought it would for your club this season so far?  

That would be a resounding NO. Towards the end of last season I thought we had a team that would have challenged for promotion to the Premier League and so for us to be languishing at the wrong end of League One is certainly not where I thought we would be. We do however, due to our predicament, seem to be competing very well without getting the results we have deserved. Our young squad is prone to mistakes and so we are looking to hopefully survive in this league this season so new owners will hopefully have a good base for next season.

Where do you think your club will finish up in the league this season?  

If we don’t get relegated, it will be an amazing achievement. We look to have a team that can survive if we can just get a run of results going for us.

What has been your best result this season, and of course your worst?  

Beating Liverpool in the Cup was the game that showed us that this team is capable of winning games….. Losing 5-0 twice to extremely mediocre teams was frustrating to say the least.

Do you think your club has acted well towards the fans in terms of compensation, offers and discounts for season ticket holders?  

We are in a totally different situation to most clubs, where virtually all the fans of the clubs pitched in to raise close on £1 million to help save the club. This included people donating season ticket money and even coach ticket money that was paid for games played behind closed doors due to the pandemic.

Which opposition team that you have played has impressed you the most this season?  

Although our league position doesn’t tell this story, I haven’t seen any team play us off the park yet, through Lincoln looked a tidy side and will be thereabouts at the end of the season I think.

Which player has stood out for your team this season, and which player has come through the ranks and looks a real prospect?  

The answer is the same to both, due to administration our youth squad has been immense and are having to learn very quickly. Unfortunately due to restrictions we have had to sell a few of our better players because of ridiculously draconian EFL rules.

Which MK Dons player stands out to you as a game changer in our clash?  

Jerome was impressive and could do with him having a quiet day come March 6th. From legend perspective, I hope Will isn’t on the pitch never mind on fire too.

What style of play can we expect to see from your team? 

We try to pass and have got a few older heads in the transfer window to help the kids. By the time we play you hopefully they will all know how each other ticks.

Have you ever been to Stadium MK, if so, what’s your opinion on it?  

It’s a weird ground in the fact you can walk round it. I don’t think it is a design most football grounds will use, but it works.

Where do you think the MK Dons will finish in the league table? 

Mid table.

From what you have seen, who are your tips for the league title, promotion, and relegation? 

Burton down, Lincoln to win it, Hull going up with them.

Can you give us your match prediction? 

I hope for a win obviously, we are capable if the mistakes are ironed out, but realistically I think it will be a close game with a goal nicking it.

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