We at the MKDSA are very happy to publish this update article from DonsAction. The strap line of the MKDSA is “Together As One” and it has been the mission of the new committee since day one to bring everyone back together. The fanbase was undeniably fractured and divided and that is no way to show support for the club. We hope by printing this article it is a clear sign that we should all stick together in this lonely world of football, after all we are all proud MK Dons fans.

It has been a while since we did our last update, so we felt now was the perfect time to give an in-depth update of what is planned for DonsAction, as well as a request (but we will get to that later). We would also like to thank the MKDSA for allowing us to post this on their superb website!

The last year has been really difficult to grow and develop DonsAction, and I am sure we do not need to explain why, but we are still gaining followers every day and we do really appreciate all of the recent support we have had!

In terms of the future, it is still hard to predict as and when we will be back in Block 11, so planning is very difficult. We are working on a plan that will include at least ten things we would like to achieve and do next. We firmly believe the ideas we have come up with so far will help this fanbase in a number of ways but as it does not appear that we will be back in stadiums any time soon so we are going to hold back revealing what these plans are because we simply do not know what is going to happen.

Hopefully, Boris Johnson’s roadmap that is being released this week will give us a better understanding of when we may be able to expect to return to stadiums, though we highly doubt that we will return this season… When we do return, we will do everything we can to make sure we, as MK Dons fans, can make up for all that lost time and all those moments we have had taken away from us. Everyone knows how difficult this last year has been for everyone and if you are struggling at the moment you are not alone. The thought of being back in Stadium MK that is keeping you going is the same thought that is keeping a number of us going. When we do return, this fanbase must do all we can to enjoy every moment, even those 0-0 draws on a Tuesday night in February.

So, the request we spoke about at the beginning of the update. It is very simple… Trust The Process. It does feel to us that as the results have improved recently more and more of us are starting to trust this process on the pitch and if you still aren’t convinced at what you have seen from The Dons this season then you should be looking forward to that day these players do convince you because it is some feeling.

This process that Russ has embedded into our football club involves more than just what happens on the pitch though, and this is still evident despite the pandemic. From going on multiple podcasts, to phoning supporters and even donating to one of our fan’s charity work, Russ has shown that he wants us involved in this process and this will become even more obvious when we are all back doing what we do best. Listening to his interviews, it is very clear that he cares and understands what this club is about, which as we all know is not easy for a lot of people…

The players are also doing their bit to get us involved in the process, something we saw ourselves from Cammy yesterday! Having spoken to people within the club, it is very clear that we have a squad of players who all want to play for Milton Keynes Dons and that is a building block to success. We have a new squad, but it does not feel like that at all. We are not going to single one player out specifically, but when you look at all of our January signings, it does feel that they have been here a lot longer they have, and that is down to Russ, Liam Sweeting, Andy Cullen, and Pete all working tirelessly to resolve all of the problems we faced at beginning of last month.

All of this means we have a management team who want to be at MK Dons, we have players who all want to be at MK Dons and all we are lacking right now is a fanbase despite us quite literally wanting to be at MK Dons. We are the missing piece of the puzzle in so many ways currently but whilst we cannot be in the stadium, we can all still play our part in building this process and showing the players how much this means to us. So keep tweeting your support, keep commenting on Instagram showing your support, go on to one of the Facebook groups and show your support when we win because that is the best we can do in terms of support at the moment, meaning the more of us who do it, the louder the message is to those at the club. This club is arguably more unified from top to bottom currently than it ever has been, and long may that continue, and Come On You Dons!

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