Many thanks to Matt Main for completing the questionnaire, but we are slightly surprised he hasn’t mentioned anywhere in his interview that he is the “Lone Trumpeter” that has been heard at away games. Probably the finest moment of his solo career was when he played the Last Post at an away game that confirmed our relegation to League 2 and Toby Lock gave him a namecheck on Three Counties Radio, it was moving stuff.

Tell us a little bit about how you became a Dons fan and what was your first game?

My first game was Wimbledon vs Burnley having bought a season ticket for myself, my younger brother, and eldest son through an advertisement in an MK newspaper.  I was a fair-weather Coventry City fan who would also frequent Villa Park on occasions.

What were your expectations for us pre-season, and have you changed your mind on what you have seen so far?

I wasn’t sure what to expect pre-season, would the lack of fans help or hinder the steady progress we’d made before the curtailment? Successful teams of the past have a good spine … (full backs, centre midfield, and forwards) and little match to match adjustments to winger positions. We had sold the spine, and a winger…cohesion would take time. We are now seeing the fruits of our new look squad. 

Which Dons player, or players have really impressed you so far this season?

Extremely impressed with Fraser, pure desire to win, something we’ve lacked, brilliant. Also, Jerome in particular looks good, and we are now gifted with an experienced goal scorer who puts tremendous effort into each shift.

What is your favourite Dons moment?

My favourite Dons moment has to be the first meeting of the two clubs born out of one. People had scripted this to be the triumph of the underdog. The atmosphere was electric.  From the relief when the first screamer of a goal went in… the absolute despair when the tie looked to be a draw and the ensuing fallout of opinions which would drown the spirit of our club. To the fortunate ‘Heel of God moment ‘, the script well and truly flipped.

Who is your all-time favourite player and why?

My favourite all time player is Lewington……… Long may he reign, a Dons Legend. One of my young sons handed the ball to him for a throw in at the Wimbledon vs Sunderland game which saw relegation confirmed.  He’s 21 now.

Who is a good tip for promotion and relegation in League 1?

For promotion, good potential behind Lincoln, with Sunderland, Ipswich, and Charlton all stuttering, Hull could bounce straight back up.  Having had to endure 9 promotions, it’s about time AFC dropped a league or two isn’t it?

Home games, or away games?

I love away games; however, my daughter plays for a local side so getting to them has become difficult. So, for now Home it is.

All fans love a good awayday, are there any grounds you look forward to visiting again, or perhaps one on your bucket list?

My favourite away day was Coventry, the first away Wimbledon game I went to was at Highfield Road. Be nice if the complications around the Ricoh would resolve. It would be awesome to visit Spurs new ground with the MK one day.

Where do you think MK Dons will finish up this season?

I think the Dons could finish in or around the playoffs, however if I’m totally honest 14th.

White shirt, red shirt, or black shirt?

Love the black shirt… in a Star Wars type way… If you only knew “The Power of the Franch-Side”. 

Your preferred matchday grub?

My preferred match day grub is definitely Guinness, will they ever put it on draught?

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