We are delighted to be able to bring you the latest edition of “The Floor is Yours”, and we have someone this week that is a well-known face not just at SMK but on social media where she has her own YouTube channel, “Come on You Dons”, so welcome to Kieran Agard’s biggest fan and Cowshed Season Ticket holder, 11-year-old Maja Kopec, many thanks for taking part in the interview Maja, Happy New Year to you and your family and we wish you well in the future…….and we think you have a big one.

When was your first game and what hooked you to continue coming?

My first game, if I can recall, was MK v Bury in the 2017/18 season (our relegation to League 2). Now, how I actually go to know of the Dons. In my primary school I came into contact with many teachers and some friends who liked the club. One of my favourite teaching assistants, Mrs Wright, is a particularly big fan of the Dons, so, I followed suit and begged my parents to take me to a game. We enjoyed it so much that now football is integrated into the family and there is no possible way it’s coming out. As for the hook, who doesn’t want to spend their Saturday afternoon shouting at a rubbish referee and immersing themselves in the beautiful game? I sure do.  

Whose idea was it to start the YouTube channel, and who comes up with all the ideas for your vlogs?

My Dad was the one who kicked it all off. Honestly, I had never thought of starting a YouTube channel for matchday vlogs, ever. It started when my Dad got a cube like GoPro. One for action videos and good for vloging. I think my Dad started to notice that I was slowly getting into football. So, he asked me If I could record my reactions and commentary to the game. He edited it and then posted it on YouTube – without my permission! Even though, I did enjoy recording and kept doing matchday vlogs, and here we are now, over 70 videos in and I’m still here scratching my head, wondering, why do people bother watching my vlogs.

When it comes to ideas, I would normally come up with them or my Dad helps me out with some intros if I’m out of ideas. When me and my Dad are filming, we are always having a laugh. That’s what makes the videos so fun to record and having a good vibe in the room makes a big difference to how the video ends up. It always puts us in a good mood before we go for a match. 

What were your expectations for us pre-season, and have you changed your mind on what you have seen so far?

Over lockdown I haven’t really kept up with the football as I was hauling through piles of work and trying to end my Year 6 without any doubts (also, the lack of being at the stadium doesn’t make it any easier to stay engaged). My Dad kept me updated on the new singings and I am still yet to memorise the team sheet as our squad has changed so much over lockdown! I had a feeling we would have a rocky start, as usual, and I don’t think I was wrong in thinking that as the beginning of the season has been all over the place with wins and draws and losses. Now that we have realised our weak spots and gaps to fill in, I feel that we can start paving a smoother path with consistent wins.  

Who has been your breakout player this season so far?

100% Matty Sorinola. His contribution and perseverance are a big part of the squad and his young talent is a treat to have in the team. I have a feeling one day he will go on to be a standout player for a top-tier team, If my gut is telling me that, I know it will happen one day. 

Who do you think has been the Dons best signing this season and why?

Scott Fraser has made an instant impact on the squad so (and I think many other fans will agree) he is one of the best signings of the season so far. However, you never know when one of the young boys will click into the team and be even better than him. You never know… 

What is your most favourite Dons moment?

My favourite Don’s moment has to be when we got promoted from league 2 to League 1 in the 2018/19 season. My first promotion as a fan was probably the craziest moment of my entire time turning up to games. Everything from the early goal, to the mascot package, and being able to run around the pitch trying to find your Dad somewhere in the forest of fans all celebrating the promotion. It was a true experience. 

Who is your all-time favourite player and why?

In my opinion, it has to be Kieran Agard. He has not had much action on the pitch recently, however, when in use he has scored and created so many goals and his performance in the squad is outstanding! Even when he was in the starting 11 for the Norwich U21 cup game (which was his only game this season so far) he scored 2 goals and played top notch football, just like he did in the 18/19 season. Martin does mention he doesn’t fit into the line-up so far, but I think he does perfectly as the line-up used in the Norwich game is quite similar to the one used in league games. So, Kieran Agard has so much will power in him and he is such a good player, let’s get him on the pitch more often! 

Who is a good tip for promotion and relegation?

I think Doncaster will take the top spot. They are fighting hard for the Championship and their performance (the last I checked) is fairly good. For relegation I’m thinking Swindon or Wigan, they don’t seem to be doing very well as both in their last 5 matches (at the time of writing this) have a majority of losses and at least a draw in there.  

Where do you think MK Dons will finish up this season?

I’m thinking hovering above midtable. The performance we are trying to execute is being killed by conceding early and if we just work on that we could be soaring. However, I have a feeling our early conceding may linger around games for a while. But I know that the problem will be solved, and we will find a way to end it. Once we eliminate that, everything will fall into place and we will finally have a few more wins. 

Many people think you have a future in media, do you have ambitions to become a reporter, a commentator or some other role in football or sports?

I wouldn’t say I have an ambition to become a reporter or something like that. I know from having the YouTube channel and recognition amongst people that these factors would help me loads if I do decide one day to go in that direction. Right now, I’m just an 11-year-old who loves football, I’m not thinking about my future job, in fact, I don’t have the slightest clue what I even want to be when I grow up! In all, if I did have the opportunity to work in sports media, I would sure give it a try!

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