Over the years this game has pulled up some remarkable events, and we have had more than one questionable decision from a referee possibly caught up in the moment of the occasion this clash always brings, so fingers crossed this EFL appointment will bring someone that is willing to play just a bit part in proceedings and not be centre stage and become the villain of the peace for one side or the other.

In focus we have Robert Lewis from Shrewsbury, and the last time our paths crossed was on a freezing cold Tuesday night in October 2019 at Rochdale, where the only highlight for Dons fans was the pre-match chips and curry sauce from the famous Willbutts Lane chippy. We lost 2-0 in a drab affair where we dominated possession and missed several opportunities to get something out of the night, the result left us 5th from bottom and struggling.

Mr Lewis has been centre stage just 8 times this season, which is a bit below average for a first class ref, so we can only presume he has been moonlighting as a 4th official some weekends, but he has not dragged his heals when given the opportunity booking 25 people, sending off 1, but more worryingly awarding 4 penalties in the last 4 games, in fact looking back at his career he gets a bit of a kick pointing at the spot….honestly though it’s best not to worry about it, but be warned, if anyone coughs in the penalty area, ref Lewis probably wont be able to help himself.

Lewis is joined by Leigh Crowhurst and John Flynn on the flags, and David Rock as the 4th official.

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