It is with extreme disappointment that the news was received that the Government in their wisdom have decided to “Pause” the return to stadiums.

We have been asked by FSA (The Football Supporters Association) to lobby our MP’s in the Milton Keynes area with the utmost urgency to challenge this decision and today we have done this.

The MKDSA has been actively involved alongside the club to do everything possible to get fans back into stadiums that included several Zoom meetings, telephone and email exchanges, and in addition last week myself and two other fans accompanied Director John Cove and other club officials on a tour of Stadium MK to ensure every aspect of fan safety was covered.

I have to say I left the stadium that day immensely proud at the level of organisation and thought that had gone into creating an environment that would allow fans safely back in the stadium. The wide concourses had been set up into a one way system, areas had been cordoned off, and fans restricted to their own particular zone with sanitising stations and was in my opinion safer than a trip to the local shopping centre, as the distance allowed between individuals or bubbles exceeded the government restrictions for social distancing inside buildings, never mind taking into consideration this is largely an outdoor arena.

I was also pleased to see that the pilot game held at the weekend at the stadium went without any hiccups, as did every other pilot game held at several other grounds, but it appears that it has had no impact on this devastating decision.

I’m sure you are all aware of the potential impact on every single club up and down the country, nobody is immune from this, and it will be nothing short of a miracle if by the time restrictions are lifted that every single club survives, any clubs folding will not only cause job losses but a huge impact on the respective communities in terms of money not coming into the local economy.

Last night I contacted CEO Andy Cullen to offer the club any assistance we could, if only as a sounding board for any potential ideas the club considered. I’m pleased to say he welcomed this invitation and confirmed our suggestion for a high level of communication between not just the MKDSA but all MK Dons fans.

I note this morning the club have addressed that and have already put out a statement outlining where they are in coming to terms with this.

Obviously it’s going to take time, the Government and the EFL are currently discussing what help they can give to clubs and although it’s not going to be easy, if possible I urge fans to be patient while the club crunches the numbers and comes up with a plan.

Thank You

Colin Butler

MKDSA Chairman

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