It’s always interesting to get opposing views from the other side of the fence so Trash Talk Tom for the MKDSA contacted Doncaster supporters, and this is what they gave us ahead of our League 1 opener with the Rovers, Many thanks to Donny fans RYAN WASHBOURN and LEE BUCKNELL who came up with these answers to our questions, good luck for the season lads…….I think they may even like us a little bit, they never swore once !


Can we start off with an interesting fact about Doncaster Rovers?

RW – Every team we have played in the EFL we have taken points off of them.

LB – Sir James Coppinger is in his 17th and final season for us.

Who is your key player for the season?

RW – Ben Whiteman our captain leads by example and is a key part of our squad.

LB – Most likely Whiteman if he stays, if not new signing Jason Lokilo.

Who could be the surprise star in your squad?

RW & LB – Madger Gomez a Spanish midfielder who did not get much time last year but under Moore’s new plans I believe he will get his chance.

How are Doncaster likely to play?

RW – Playing out from the back along the floor having most of the possession building it up to the CDMs who then give it to the wingers then to Fejiri.

LB – Keep the ball and get it down the wings, the wingers will drive 1-1 and take the man on.

What are your goals for the campaign?

RW – Top half finish, would like play offs but anything 10th or above I will be happy about.

LB – With the signings so far, I would say top 10.

What do you see as MK Dons strengths?

RW – Your striker, he is very prolific and provides a big threat to us. (Until I was informed, he left for Toulouse).

LB – Midfield, good at keeping the ball.

What are your predictions for this fixture?

RW – Think we will win being at home …3-1 Rovers.

LB – 3-1 To the Rovers.

Any other comments?RW & LB – Good luck for the season.

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