Often the answer to the quiz question; name a club that doesn’t exist as a place, well now you know its Port Vale, situated in Burslem, near Stoke on Trent. It’s a journey of some 116 miles from Stadium MK to Vale Park (ST6 1AW) and boasts a 19,052 all seater stadia.

We should be positioned in the Signal One Stand which can hold up to 4,500 travelling fans and is sited behind the goal, the downside of that is we will be (if my memory serves me well) blasted by the PA system which appears to be turned up to 11 and is indecipherable, but at least the pre-match tunes are decent.

This is an old favourite of Dons fans partial to some decent nosh with two cafes and a chippy close by, plus one of the best burger wagons in the EFL, not as good as the CazBar, but getting there.

Not being someone that takes in a pint before the game I refer to the FGG that says outside the away turnstiles is a Club Bar called the ‘Vale Social’. Normally it does admit away fans but at a cost of £2 per person, although Over 60’s and Under 18’s are admitted free, other than that the choice of pubs for visiting supporters to drink in near to the ground or in the town centre is very limited.

There is a decent size car park located outside the away end (Car Park C) which costs £5, otherwise it’s street parking, but it might be worth checking if it requires pre-booking by giving them a bell.

Longport Railway Station is the closest to the Vale Park ground but is a good 30-minute walk away and is not well served by trains, unlike Stoke On Trent station which is. Therefore, most fans end up at Stoke On Trent railway station, which is over four miles away from Vale Park and then take a taxi up to the ground.